Equipment Loan Program

Have you ever thought it would be nice to know how many vehicles are being driven on your city streets or how many people use your town’s sidewalks or designated pedestrian trails? In addition to being nice information to have, collecting and analyzing data can help your agency prioritize safety, maintenance, and development needs. Data helps roadway managers make informed decisions when prioritizing projects and deciding on the type and level of work that should be done. Having a better understanding of what is currently occurring is beneficial for future planning and helps provide a better service to motorists and pedestrians in your area.


There is no cost to borrow this equipment. However, your agency is responsible for ensuring its security and is responsible for paying for repairs or replacement in the event that the equipment gets damaged. A WV LTAP employee will bring the equipment to you and show you how to install and or use it at your selected location. When your loan period is complete, you would be responsible for getting it back to us.


The WV LTAP has several pieces of equipment available to lend out to communities in West Virginia that can assist you in getting the information you need.

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