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Snow and Ice Control Workshop

One way the WV LTAP helps local and state roadway agencies prepare for the winter months is by hosting the annual Snow and Ice Control Workshop in September.


This workshop is geared to state and local roadway agencies, and we encourage anyone who has a role in winter maintenance operations (snowplow driver, supervisor, mechanic, mayor, city council person, etc.) to attend. There is always something for everyone! This workshop includes a combination of general sessions, breakout session presentations, and demonstrations. A hot lunch is also provided!

2017 Snow and Ice Control Workshop


Date:        Thursday September 28, 2017


Location: Summersville Arena & Conference Center

                 3 Armory Way, Summersville, WV 26651


For more information on this year's event, please check out our brochure.










To register online:

  • Click HERE if paying by credit card.
  • Click HERE if paying by check.


Exhibitor Brochure

26th WV LTAP

Snow and Ice Control Workshop

Attendee Brochure

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