Roads Scholar II

The Roads Scholar II program is designed for local, state, and private sector transportation employees in higher-level supervisory and management positions. Elected officials, engineers, planners, consultants, and contractors are a few of the individuals who will benefit from this program. There is little to no cost to participants and sessions occur at various locations throughout the state.


Target Audiences


  • Primary Audience – Individuals involved in the planning and oversight of roadway work and safety evaluation. This includes, but is not limited to, managers, supervisors, technicians, engineers, officials/administrators.


  • Secondary Audience – RS II classes may also appeal to secondary target audiences, which would be class specific.

RS II Graduation Requirements and Completion Awards


  • To become a RS II graduate, each participant must complete a total of 8 classes.


  • Classes range in length, but are typically full-day. These classes must be completed within a 5 year period, with exceptions made if class offerings have not been available.


  • Participants are automatically enrolled in the Roads Scholar II Program. There is no need to do any extra paperwork, other than submitting the typically requested registration information.


  • Each RS II graduate receives a framed certificate and a leather bound embossed padfolio.

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