Roads Scholar I

The Roads Scholar I program is designed for local and state level transportation personnel to expand their knowledge and improve their skills in roadway maintenance and management techniques. This is a great way for roadway agencies to keep their employees properly trained and educated on efficient and safe roadway management techniques! There is little to no cost to participants and sessions occur at various locations throughout the state.


Target Audiences


  • Primary Audience – The RS I Program is primarily targeted to roadway agency and public works: maintenance workers, supervisors, and officials/administrators.


  • Secondary Audience – Secondary audiences may include inspectors, police departments, fire departments, public service districts (PSDs), water and wastewater operators, elected officials, and others. RS I classes may also appeal to secondary target audiences, depending on the specific class topic.


The following definitions are used by the WV LTAP when referring to target audiences:


  • Maintenance Workers – Individuals who perform work alongside or in the roadway, such as flaggers, laborers, equipment operators, forepersons, etc.


  • Supervisors – Individuals who supervise the work of those classified as maintenance workers, such as maintenance directors, public works directors, street commissioners, etc.


  • Officials and Administrators – Individuals who hold elected or hired municipal management positions.

RS I Graduation Requirements and Completion Awards


  • To become a RS I graduate, each participant must take a total of 8 classes and complete an open-book quiz at the conclusion of each class.


  • Classes range in length from 3 to 6 hours each, depending on the topic and instructor. These classes must be completed in a 5 year period.


  • Participants are automatically enrolled in the Roads Scholar Program. There is no need to do any extra paperwork, other than submitting the typically requested registration information.


  • Each RS I graduate receives a framed certificate, an orange and white traffic barrel shaped mug, and a baseball cap.

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