Road Facts


Road Facts has been designed to help provide useful tips and facts regarding roadway issues.


The Road Facts series can be downloaded below as a PDF or Microsoft Publisher file. The Publisher files are formatted so agencies can add their individual contact information, if desired. The WV LTAP does ask that the main text not be changed or altered without permission. Agencies are encouraged to post these information sheets on their webpage, distribute printed copies to city council members, send out in mailings, etc. The WV LTAP staff welcomes your suggestions for new topics and will continue adding new sheets as they become available.

Road Fact Sheets

Road Rules for Roundabouts (PDF) (Publisher)


Road Rules for Railroad Crossings (PDF) (Publisher)


Road Rules for Driving in Work Zones (PDF) (Publisher)


Sharing the Road with Deer (PDF) (Publisher)


Why Bridges Sway and Bounce (PDF) (Publisher)


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