Build a Better Mousetrap

Have you or one of your coworkers recently built an innovative gadget? Have you developed an improved way to accomplish everyday tasks? If either of these is true, you’ve built a better mousetrap, and now is the time to show off a project your roadway agency is proud of in the WV LTAP’s Build a Better Mousetrap Competition.


The WV LTAP is looking for projects that you, your employees, or your crew designed and built or modified. It can be anything from the development of tools, equipment modifications, and/or processes that increase safety, reduce cost, improve efficiency, and/or improve the quality of transportation. The purpose of this competition is to collect and disseminate real world examples of best practices, tips from the field, and assist in the transfer of technology.


If you have something you think qualifies for this competition, submit your entries by Friday, June 1, 2018. Entries will be judged by WV LTAP Advisory Board Members using the criteria of: cost savings, benefits to the community and/or agency, ingenuity, transferability to others, and effectiveness. Winners will be recognized in an upcoming newsletter and receive a prize.


WV LTAP staff members are also available to help with your write-up or to take photos. We know that you and your crews are doing phenomenal things, on limited budgets, but with unlimited imagination and foresight. Help us share your challenges and solutions with other agencies!


The winning entry will be submitted into the National LTAP Build a Better Mousetrap Competition. Winners of the national competition will be announced at the annual LTAP/TTAP national conference this summer. All entries at the national level will be posted on the LTAP/TTAP website and compiled into an electronic booklet with the winners receiving a recognition prize and bragging rights!


Judging Process


The competition is judged on the criteria listed below within the framework of a five-point rating scale. The winner is the entry that has the highest number of overall points.




Cost Savings

Benefits to the Community


Transferability to Others



Rating Scale


5 = Excellent

4 = Very Good

3 = Good

2 = Fair

1 = Poor

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